October 16

Lit Up Your Mood and Spirit with Uncloudy Day

“O they tell me of a home far away.
O they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise.
O they tell me of an uncloudy day!”

Inviting y’all folks to de-stress with this five-minute classic hymn and covered by Willie Nelson. For a moment, leave all the mundane and weariness of your daily responsibilities. Meantime, lose yourself and drift imagining the scenario as described in the words of Uncloudy Day.

If after hearing the song, you felt better, guess what? Its composer had also gone through a stressful time prior to writing the hymn.

Josiah Kelley Alwood, a minister in the late 1870’s was on his way home from a debate with another Protestant vicar when the sight of the horizon caught his eyes. Following were his actual description.

“I saw a beautiful rainbow north by northwest against a dense black nimbus cloud. The sky was all perfectly clear except for this dark cloud, which covered about forty degrees of the horizon and extended about halfway to the zenith. The phenomenon was entirely new to me and my nerves were refreshed by the balmy air and the lovely sight. Old Morpheus was playing his sweetest lullaby. Another mile of travel, a few moments of time, a fellow of my size was ensconced in sweet home and wrapped in sweet sleep. A first-class know-nothing till rosy-sweet morning was wide over the fields.”

He was so struck with its magnificence that it automatically inspired him to write a song about it. In fact, it was the only song he wrote as most of the literary works were on church doctrines and ethics.

Naturally, we would assume covers would only be done and be contained in the religious circles. Not for Willie Nelson though. Like his country predecessor Ferlyn Husky with his “Wings of a Dove”, he also took a leap of faith with Uncloudy Day reaching the peak of Country Billboard in 1976. Well, nothing new and unusual there. History just repeats itself. And the act was so much Willie not because he was an outlaw pioneer, but because he was once a Sunday school teacher, himself. While those who don’t understand faith would make a fuss over the commercial and sales potential of a gospel song, those like Husky and Nelson would easily prove them wrong.




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