November 27

Shenandoah has Released, “Noise”

Like a fine wine, it only gets better with age. Shenandoah has released a new single “Noise”.

This new single marks a historic moment for Shenandoah. After 2 decades, the group has finally released their latest track to country radio.

Throughout the years, they have earned the respect of the country music world. To name, they have earned a Grammy award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for “Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart”. This was their duet with Alison Krauss. Moreover, five of their hits are part of the number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country charts. These tunes are: “The Church on Cumberland Road”, “Sunday in the South”, “Next to You, Next to Me”, “If Bubba Can Dance (I Can Too)” and “Two Dozen Roses”.

“The new music has given flames to embers that have burned since we started in 1987. It’s been 20 years since our last recordings. The new music is fresh, up to date and allows us to continue where we left off. We feel like we still have so much to say when it comes to music and it gives us the joy of sharing it with country music fans all over the world”

 – Shenandoah lead singer Marty Raybon

As part of their full-length album under BMG, the new single kicks it off. Its release would be in the first quarter of 2018.

In an interview:

You’ve been able to sustain your career for decades. How do you think your sound has evolved on this new album compared to the Shenandoah who started out years ago?

“When talking with Jay in pre-production we wanted to find the type of material and the integrity of the song. Our band always cut tunes that told a great story – like “Moon over Georgia”. So we didn’t want to compromise any of that. Jay was all for keeping with our original sound. He said, ‘That’s why I loved y’all’s stuff and was a fan’. Jay being so up on sonically the sounds and all that other kind of stuff, he could take it and cut it like it was in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s which is what it would have sounded like, but it would have been dated. With Jay’s knowledge to keep it up to date, people are saying it’s like Shenandoah never went anywhere. It’s like us 20 years later and we sound the same”.


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