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We All “Listen” When Don Williams Is “On The Radio”

Don Williams

I assume that when a Don Williams’ track is being played  you’d be hooked and “Listen To The Radio.” Who could resist his voice and music? It’s the best voice in the country music industry. He has a crisp, smooth, and soft voice that can suit our mood.

The “Listen To The Radio” Song…

Fred Knipe is the songwriter behind the words and the lyrics of “Listen To The Radio.” Also, it was released in April 1982. Also, the song was the very first single and title track of Williams’ album “Listen To The Radio.” The song became No.3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Besides, it became No.1 on the RPM Country Track charts in Canada.

Don Williams’ “Listen To The Radio” had a very close fight with Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” in topping the charts back in 1982. Furthermore, “Listen To The Radio” is considered as one of the best-recorded songs of the “Gentle Giant” Don Williams. With the flush melody blended with the simple lyrics make it so soothing to the ears. Moreover, it will make you stay tuned for more of Williams’ hits.

The Lyrics…

I guess as a lover I have a ways to go

When someone wants you they should just say it’s so

But you’ll understand if you’ll take my hand

Then we can dance real slow.

To something on the radio.

Listen to the radio

Listen to the radio.

Let’s spend the night together

Baby don’t go

They sing it on the radio.

The words I’d say

Don’t seem to sound as real

The songs they play

That’s how I really feel.

Listen to the radio

Listen to the radio.

Let’s spend the night together

Baby don’t go

They sing it on the radio.

I try to find a way to explain to you

What’s on my mind

And not sound so plain to you

But you’ll realize if you’ll close your eyes

The feelings my words can’t slow.

They’re playing on the radio.

Listen to the radio …

The “Gentle Giant”…

All in all, Don Williams placed a total of 17 No.1 songs on the country charts. Also, he released more than 40 songs in the course of his career. Those songs are so powerful that it influenced the country listeners and as well as the country artists.

Don Williams started to shape his singing skills when he was 3-years-old. Since then, he started singing in competitions that made him more interested in Country music.

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