September 12

Listen Again to Conway Twitty’s All Time Fathers’ Anthem

Five years before he left us in 1993, Conway Twitty brought to us “That’s my Job.” A soul-crushing song that streamed the eyes of fathers, sons, and daughters, it reached the sixth spot on Country Billboard in 1987.

Inspired by the death of his father in 1986, Gary Burr wrote the song with no expectations of anyone recording it. He did not even bother to edit the grammar lapses. It was, after all, his personal narrative. Then enter Conway who cared less on the commercial potential of the song so long as he liked the lyrics. He cut the song and the year after, Gary was also surprised that it went big on the radio.


The song speaks of a boy confiding his fears to his father even when he has finally come of age. The story was an instant hook since everyone, in one way or the other, experienced the same stage in a parent-child relationship. From a daughter or son’s perspective, we need a dad we could depend on. No matter our age, their insights on every event in our lives have proven to be always valuable. This song then is a good reminder that we do not take for granted the years we have with our parents. With age, their strength will deteriorate and their youth will fade. Soon, they would need to depend on us, as well. Let us seize every moment we have with them.

From the father’s end, the song is an anthem of his dedication to seeing his son be in the best living conditions. He makes it his job to provide and protect until the time comes that the son could be left to stand on his own. Fatherhood then is no easy feat.

So, to those whose fathers are afar or have already gone in the next world, let this be your song of remembrance for them. Be eternally grateful for everything that he’s done for you.


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