April 13

Most Controversial Lip-Syncing Moments in the ACM Awards

With the technology that exists today, some of the worst singers can sound like experts with a little editing in the studio. But, when it comes to singing live, even some of the most talented singers have been wedged in the act of lip-syncing. Take for example controversies in the ACM awards. Hottest topics included Allan Jackson, Garth Brooks and the Rascal Flatts for that matter. Let us walk down the memory lane and recall these moments.

Most Controversial Lip-Syncing Moments in the ACM Awards 1

Light Controversies, Apologies for the Irony

First. Do you remember when Rascal Flatts Lead Vocalist, Gary Levox explained,

“In Vegas, there’s thing called Vegas throat…it is so dry that it’s just ridiculous”?

Right. LeVox was excusing himself of his famous lip-syncing controversy at the 2014 ACM Awards where the band performed their single “Rewind”. They have had a few shows in Vegas earlier that week and LeVox merely could not sing. Hence, they had to choose between lip syncing or canceling. In a slightly humorous apology, DeMarcus bent behind LeVox and spoke like a ventriloquist, promising to never lip-sync at an awards show again as LeVox moved his lips out of time.

Second. Like Rascal Flatts, we also had instances of solo country artists performing lip-sync. But unlike Rascal Flatts, Garth Brooks admitted beforehand that he may have to lip-sync his performance at the 50th ACM awards. He appealed that his multi-concert run foremost the awards may break his voice. He revealed their contingency plan,

“Just in case we have to lip-sync, we taped a performance that was solely made for the awards show.”

Well, we guess we have to appreciate Garth’s openness about his ACM performance. Do you think it defeated some shows idea to fool people, or at least leave some doubt in their minds that what they are seeing is live? We have a rare find video from one of his fans. Can you say he is lip-syncing?

Don’t Worry, We Saved The Best For Last

Third and apparently our favorite. The audience was surely surprised when the curtains rose and host Alan Jackson walked into the ACM Awards stage in 1994 wearing a torn T-shirt and jeans. Was he feeling hot that time? What happened to his matching cowboy hat with a respectable suit? Jackson sure looked like a mess. Moreover, his drummer did not have drumsticks, to begin with. Alright. Cutting your guesses, Jackson made this move in an attempt to deliver a message to ACM producers. Moments before taking the stage, producers told the group that they were going to be lip syncing. That did not sit well with Jackson thinking it that was lying to country music fans. So, with a wicked grin, they performed “She’s Gone Country”. Warning. Never ever mess around with Allan Jackson’s music again.

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Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts

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