July 23

Watch: A Line Dance Choreography You Have Never Seen Before

Watch: A Line Dance Choreography You Have Never Seen Before 1
Strictly Come Dancing Cast (image from Youtube)

Line dance craze

Professional dancers from Strictly Come Dancing joined together for an impeccable line dance performance to a variety of fun sets. Informally known as Strictly, Strictly Come Dancing is a British television dance contest. It features various celebrity contestants partnered with professional dancers.

The 2014 batch of Strictly shared so much energy with their invigorating performances. Their countrified presentation was particularly among the most memorable presentation the audience has ever witnessed. They have excellently choreographed line dance moves to the mash-up of Rednex’s “Cotton Eyed Joe” and Pitbull’s hit “Timber.” The performers showcased flannels and fringed-cowgirl apparel as they dance on the stage with complete props of hay, wagons. Viewers were given a complete barn experience.

The choreographed dance included a range of classic line dancing kicks, tricks, and flips. The highlight of the number was revealed when one performer whipped out a lasso and showcased some impressive throwing skills.

Watch this dance number ya’ll be dying to learn.

Rednex’s “Cotton Eyed Joe”

“Cotton Eyed Joe” became a massive hit for Rednex in 1995. The song originated from the black slaves before the Civil War. Aside from the mostly remembered question from the song, “Where did you come from?,” its upbeat rhythm is also a perfect match for square dance steps. On an online archive, “Cotton Eyed Joe” is listed to have been recorded 130 times by various artists.

Watch: A Line Dance Choreography You Have Never Seen Before 2
Rednex (image from Tunefind)

Pitbull’s “Timber”

American rapper Pitbull officially released his single “Timber” on October 7, 2013. The song is a dance-pop with a moderately fast tempo. The song as well features Kesha, an American pop-recording artist. For the record, the song peaked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. Outside the US, the track also dominated the charts in many other countries such as Canada, Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. It became the sixth bestselling song of 2014, having sold over 12.6 million units. As of July 2018, the music video for the track has over one billion views on Youtube.

Watch: A Line Dance Choreography You Have Never Seen Before 3
Timber (image from Youtube)

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