People don’t need science or a mathematical equation to know the meaning of love. Also, this is something that everyone is looking for. They say that once a person is in love, they can fall head over heels. Anyway, have you ever experienced the urge of longing for someone? It must be hard, right?

Further, the feeling is so frustrating that sometimes you cannot eat or sleep. Well, that’s normal because it only shows that you really love the person and you miss their presence around you.  But, be careful because sometimes this sad emotion can also lead to depression or a stressful life. For you not to miss the person too much, going out with your friends or spending time with your family sometimes that helps. But for now, let’s go ahead and listen to the version of Linda Ronstadt “Blue Bayou” which depicts a strong emotion for longing.

The Multi-Awarded Artist

She is considered as one of the most best-selling artists of all time due to her record sales of more than 100 million worldwide. Moreover, she received a lot of awards and recognition not only in the U.S, but also in the Latin audience. What makes her distinct from other singers is that she sings rock, country, light opera, and Latin genres. I guess she has a very unique vocal range too. Let’s go ahead and welcome Linda Ronstadt.

Photo Credits: Linda Ronstadt Official Facebook Home Page

Do you want to go to the Lago Azul?

This hit was originally released in 1963 and it became an international hit under the artistry of Roy Orbison. A few years later, Linda Ronstadt created her version of the hit “Blue Bayou” adding some few high notes and making the tempo slower. In addition, she sang the hit as if it was really meant for her making her version sensational than the original.