If you haven’t heard of Linda Martell well then you missed out on a lot. Though a lot of country fans probably have the same dilemma.

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and forum sites like Reddit, the greatness of lost country artists like Linda Martell are once again resurfacing giving country fans a chance to appreciate them.

For those who haven’t heard about this star yet, well, you’re in luck. Take this time today and appreciate the breathtaking performances of Linda Martell.

All About Linda Martell

Linda Martell is more known for singing in the rhythm and blues genre but she has also dabbled in country music.

As an artist, she has been part of a historical event in country music. In August of 1969, she was the very first African-American woman to perform at the Grand Ole Opry.

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Her love for singing started when she was just a child. Being the daughter of a pastor, she was exposed to gospel music at an early age.

Her talent for singing was further developed thanks to being a part of a gospel singing group with her brothers.

In 1969, her single “Color Him Father” made it to the top 25 hit list. During this year as well, she joined Shelby Singleton’s Plantation Record where she recorded “Color Him Father.”

By 1970 she was regularly making appearances on TV like the HeeHaw and the Bill Anderson Show. She made 11 more appearances in the Grand Ole Opry before retiring from her career in 1974.

There were many speculations as to why she retired so early despite her fame slowly rising. In 2014 a Swedish television show called Jills veranda (Jill’s Porch) – Nashville tried to track her down.

Traveling to South Carolina, the TV show spoke to the country star and asked about her career, music, and sudden departure.

As it turns out, Linda Martell chose to be a loving and dedicated mother. She felt that her kids were too little and that she couldn’t commit to her touring schedules, so she opted to take care of her children first.

Here’s to Linda Martell, one of country music’s lost treasure!

Check out her performances such as this video of her singing “Bad Case Of The Blues:”