June 19

“Lily of the Valley”: A George Jones Song that Represents Jesus

lily of the valley george jones

In 2003 George Jones released his last gospel album The Gospel Collection. He had a total of 5 gospel albums as a solo artist. “Lily of the Valley” was the fourth track on the B-side of his album. Charles William Fry wrote the song in 1881. Furthermore, this Christian hymn was written by Charles for the Salvation Army.

The Song’s Content

One of the best things in life is knowing Jesus because having Jesus in our life is worth everything. He will comfort us when we are in trouble, and make sure that we are not alone. In addition, Jesus will be there for us when everyone leaves. He will never forsake us and remind us of all the bad things we have done. Jesus never judges us based on our past. He only loves us for who we are, and He knows that we are all capable of changing into someone better.

George Jones’ song “Lily of the Valley” is a Christian hymn that tells the story of a man who finds comfort in knowing Jesus. The narrator compared Jesus to a common flower that was mentioned in the bible many times. He was as fair as the lily of the valley flowers. The narrator of the song also assured us that having Jesus as our friend will help us not to fear anything in life. There is nothing to be worried about when you have Jesus. He will take care of all our needs, all we have to do is trust in Him.

Symbol of Lily of the Valley

As mentioned, Lily of the Valley is a flower that has been mentioned in the bible numerous times. This flower is also known as May Lily. Lily of the Valley signifies the return of happiness, purity, humility, and luck. It seems that the flower signifies Jesus. It is also said that the flower signifies the second coming of Christ. Furthermore, the flower was part of certain folklore.

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