October 12

“Life’s Little Ups and Downs:” Charlie Rich’s Original Song”

In 1969, the multi-talented country musician professionally known as Charlie Rich recorded a song that his wife Margaret Ann wrote. The song is entitled “Life’s Little Ups and Downs.” The single was released on Rich’s Epic album. It’s called The Fabulous Charlie Rich. The record missed the Top 40 as it peaked only at No. 41. However, it enjoyed an eleven-week run on the country music charts.

While the song did not reach a higher position on the charts, it received high acclaim from music critics. A reviewer from Rolling Stone magazine specifically noted on the song’s optimistic approach. The commentator wrote that the song was “as good as everything he’s ever done.” In addition, “Life’s Little Ups and Downs” was predicted to enter not only one but more than three charts. These were the Pop, Easy Listening, R&B, and Country music charts.

The Artist

Charlie Rich was famous for his distinct electric music style. However, what his particular music genre is cannot be easily identified. It’s for the reason that his music encompassed various genres including jazz, rockabilly, blues, soul, country, and even gospel.

In 1973, he recorded two songs that he became most famous for. These were “Behind Closed Doors” and “The Most Beautiful Girl.” The latter topped both the country and pop charts and earned the singer two Grammy Awards. In 2015, Rich became part of the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.  


Listen to the original version of the song below by Charlie Rich.

Ricky Van Shelton’s Version

Almost two decades later since the song’s original release, Ricky Van Shelton recorded a cover. His version appeared on his third studio album called RVS III. It was released in October 1990 and served as the album’s final single. Van Shelton’s cover became a big hit earning him a Top 10 record. Compared to the original version, Shelton’s rendition reached No. 4 on the music charts. Listen to his cover below.  

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