November 10

Life Lessons in “You’ve Got to Stand for Something”

When Tippin was invited to perform in a Nashville nightclub show in 1990, he grabbed this once in a lifetime chance. From here, it earned him a contract with RCA Records Nashville. On the same year in October, Tippin recorded the song “You’ve Got to Stand for Something”. This was then released as a single debut to the album You’ve Got to Stand for Something.  It reached the top ten on the Country Singles chart in early 1991 and peaked at number 6. Aaron Tippin and Buddy Brock are the men behind the lyrics of the song.

Apart from that single, they also released “I Wonder How Far It Is Over You” and “She Made a Memory out of Me”. These tracks made it to the charts, too—reaching number 40 and 54, respectively.

“You’ve Got to Stand for Something” is a mid-tempo song. In many of Aaron Tippin’s tracks, he exemplifies the patriotic blue-collar themes. In “You’ve Got to Stand for Something’s lines, the narrator recalls the life lessons taught to him by his father. Among these life lessons, he told him that he should stand up for his moral convictions.

Aaron Tippin Music & Video Debut

In early 1991, Bing Sokolsky directed “You’ve Got to Stand for Something”. This was Tippin’s first music video. In the video, a parent is singing the lessons that he learned in life to his child. Here, he is also guiding him on how to become a better person. It shows clips of how a child can make better decisions to different scenarios.

A year before 1991, comedian Bob Hope heard Tippin perform the song. He then invited Tippin to sing it on his United Service Organization tour for soldiers who were serving in the Gulf War at the time.

They say Tippin’s singing voice is a baritone, which is characterized by a heavy, nasal Southern twang. People compared the way he phrased to Hank Williams—“the catch in the throat followed by a sliding moan”.


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