January 11

WATCH: Toddler Preaching on Pulpit is a Huge Attention-Grabber

Before you say you’ve seen everything there is to see under the sun, think again.

Meet nineteen-month-old, Levi Asher Marlow, Facebook’s new superstar!


About two months ago, Ryan Marlow posted on Facebook a video of his son with the caption, “Levi’s first sermon.” That was fitting as we’ll soon see little Levi pacing back and forth the pulpit while rambling on like he was truly preaching!

Daddy Ryan said that before the service began, Levi just headed straight to the pulpit. What he did next was beyond the expectation of his spectators.

….just see this little man preaching to the congregation…..I am 100% sure no one slept in church that day …too gorgeous for words don't you think ….🙏🙏😉

Posted by Angels kids party hire on Monday, January 7, 2019

Say, that’s more than cute, isn’t it? If only we can make sense of the words he uttered. But who are we to despise small beginnings, right? After all, it was written, that “out of the mouths of babes come perfect praise.”

Bits about Levi Marlow’s Family

His parents were Ryan and Megan Marlow, ministers to Grace Baptist Church in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Pastor Ryan is the church’s Youth Pastor and Music Director. Besides pastoral and teaching, he’s also a regular noon-time speaker for www.12403wc.com.

On April 15, 2017, God blessed the young couple with a child whom they named, Levi Asher Marlow. Levi turned out to be one of those child-wonders and more. As if his name has been pre-ordained in heaven, his parents are now seeing some early signs of his future. God’s clearly calling and raising him up to be a spiritual leader like his dad, Ryan.

Significance of the Name, “Levi”

From the Torah books, Levi is one of the twelve sons of Jacob and his descendants were one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Israel, as we all know, is God’s chosen people. God gave each tribe lands as their inheritance except for the tribe of Levi. They were specifically handpicked be God’s priests. In essence, God is their inheritance. Hence, they were also made partakers of all the offerings and tithes brought to the temple.



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