January 2

Let’s All Rise in the “Hallelujah Chorus”

Our favorite Gospel quartet never fails to inspire and draw praise from the crowd for the King they are singing about. Once again, in the following video, the Oakridge Boys rendered an awesome and God-honoring praise song! Understandably, it’s a special number for Christmas. Still, that will not limit the “Hallelujah Chorus” to be sang only during Christmas.

And here’s a bonus. At the onset of the clip, you’ll hear Duane Allen talk about his father’s tradition and the valuable lesson of the blessedness of giving more than receiving. That’s the generous spirit that should be evident to all believers regardless of the season they’re in. It should be all year round.

So go ahead then. Out of the unspeakable joy, you might be feeling by now, sing along with the Oaks Boys.

Hallelujah Chorus” by The Oakridge Boys



Upon hearing the “Hallelujah Chorus,” it is the norm for the audience to stand. Why is that? One speculation is that the King George II stood up when the Hallelujah chorus was played during the Messiah’s premiere in London, 1743. The audience followed suit. Some say, the king did so out of reverence to the King of Kings. Others say he could just have been tired sitting for a long time and was just stretching his legs. Regardless of the real reason, that has been the custom since. (Not bad considering that when Jesus finally reigns on earth, people will not stand but prostrate before him.)


Simply, “Hallelujah” is an utterance of praise to God. Truth is, the brief wordings added by composer Handel to the word ‘hallelujah’ was more than enough. The term encompasses all the majestic and glorious adorations we could offer God. He is beauty and royalty beyond description. Even angels and other ministering spirits in heaven could not totally express their wonder. Collectively verbalized them, we got ‘hallelujah.’


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