“Let’s All Go Down to the River” is a classic hymn known to many Christians, and at one point Alabama performed a version of it.

let's all go down to the river

via Alabama’s Facebook page

Back in 2015, the country band Alabama performed the hymn “Let’s All Go Down To The River” live as part of one of Bill Gaither’s gathering.

They certainly did the song justice and were able to perform the hymn with passion and enthusiasm that can really and truly be felt by listeners.

It is definitely one of the best performances of “Let’s All Go Down To The River” that currently exists and if y’all haven’t yet, go give it a listen as it is a song that invites and welcomes everybody into the loving embrace of Jesus.

Come down to the river with us and bask in the Lord’s presence.

The Message of “Let’s All Go Down To The River”

The classic hymn’s lyrics are very straightforward. It is an invitation to go see the man by the river and see what is so special about Him.

While it can be a literal invitation when talking about the people back during the time of Christ, to us Christians today, it is a call to be a part of Jesus’ community.

This is something that we can sing to people who we wish to become part of the Christian faith; a great, wholesome, and catchy way to invite those who are lost to see what’s so great about Jesus Christ.

However, sometimes it is also a call to those who already believe. We sometimes forget ourselves and in doing so, forget God and Jesus.

We sometimes focus on so many other things, especially in today’s fast-paced society that we often fail to just step back and thank the Lord or remember what He means to us.

So to those who need it the most, whether a lost sheep or a sheep who forgot, take this time and listen to this wonderful classic hymn and see and be reminded of the greatness of Jesus Christ.