December 12

“Let Me Let Go:” Faith Hill’s Top Country Hit 20 Years Ago

Do you know that this song has been demoed to various artists several times and failed to be accepted? That’s right, folks! But one of its songwriters, Dennis Morgan, believed in the song so much that he didn’t let go of it. He kept on demo-ing the song until one day, it found the right artist to record and make it big. That artist was no other than the “Breathe” singer Faith Hill.

In an interview, Morgan, who co-wrote the song with Steve Diamond, explained how the song came to Hill’s hands. He first mentioned that the song took some time before it got recorded after they penned it. Although many who listened to the song’s demo liked it, they’re less impressed with the “too many changes” it has. That’s probably part of the reasons for the delay in its recording.

“But some songs you let go, and this song I believed in so much that I kept demo-ing it. If they’re not getting it in this form, maybe they’ll get it in this other form. And surprisingly, the version that got cut was our original guitar-vocal version. Fortunately, [Faith’s producer] Dann Huff got it and loved the song, and waited for the right artist to cut it on. He played it for Faith, and she loved it. She did such a fantastic job. We were thrilled.”

Exactly 20 years ago today, the song topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Watch the official music video for “Let Me Let Go” featuring Faith Hill below.

About the Song

“Let Me Let Go” is basically a song about moving on from a failed relationship. However, when the song was released on the radio, the listening public had several interpretations of it. This came as a surprise to Morgan and Diamond, and it’s quite interesting knowing how their penned song affects the audience in several ways.

“I’ve had people come up to me and tell me they related it to their battle with alcohol and drugs. ‘Let Me Let Go,’ they thought it was so powerful, almost talking to the drug or alcohol. ‘I want to let go of you. Just give me the permission, or do something rotten to finally take me over that line.’ That was a real interesting perspective – somebody taking lyrics how we did not intend it.”

Faith Hill’s recording of “Let Me Let Go” was released in September 1998. The song, which features Vince Gill on the background vocals, was the third single from her album Faith. A remix version of it appeared on two other albums, namely Love Will Always Win and There You’ll Be. The same version of the song served as a soundtrack to the 1999 movie Message In a Bottle. Meanwhile, Hill received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the song. At the Grammy Awards ceremony in 2000, Hill delighted the audience with an impressive delivery of the tune.

You can watch her live performance below.


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