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We Can Be Free and We Can Sing, “Let Freedom Ring”

What does freedom mean to you? Do you think you are free? If so, to what extent? We differ in our perceptions about freedom depending on what aspect we’re looking at. Generally, people who are in prison are obviously not free in many aspects. They don’t have the freedom to be with their families all the time. They cannot freely travel to places, and their actions are limited by the laws that govern their detention cells. But there are also other people who are out of the prison but they’re not totally free. Most of us are bound to certain limitations.

Bound by the Chains of Sins

Every human is a prisoner of sin. It’s part of our nature. We are all born to a sinful world and it’s inevitable for us to commit one as we grow up. Thanks to our loving God for sending us His only son Jesus Christ. By shedding His precious blood and giving His life to the cross, we’ve been saved from the wages of sins which is death.

Still, many of us remain captives of this sinful world. Because our body is weak, we are often trapped by sin’s chains. However, the holy scripture says Christ is our freedom. Therefore, the only way we can be totally free is by having Him in our lives.

“Let Freedom Ring”

There have been many songs about freedom that talented songwriters, lyricists, and hymnodists have ever written. These songs express the heart’s gratitude for enjoying such kind of freedom. Others rejoice in the Lord for being the reason why we’re living a free life.

The song “Let Freedom Ring” is one of those numerous songs declaring freedom to reign. It was written by William James Gaither and wife Gloria Gaither. The couple has penned countless gospel songs that many of us have come to love singing or listening. And, this song is just one of them.

Let Freedom Ring, Wiliam James Gaither, Gloria Gaither
Photo credit: Friends of Gaither Music/Official Facebook Page

“Let Freedom Ring” was basically inspired by the many political and historical events that hindered thousands of individuals to live their lives freely elsewhere. Many had been captives of the numerous wars that happened in the world. But the most striking message of the song is the fact that all humans are not free. It’s because they’re enslaved by sins.

Though we are blessed because of God’s great love to the world, He sent Jesus Christ to Calvary. That great sacrifice was the most liberating event that ever happened in history. Indeed, it’s worth singing, it’s worth proclaiming that Jesus is our freedom. Let Him reign in our lives. Let freedom ring in the whole world!

I’ll sing it out with every breath, I’ll let the whole world hear it
This hallelujah anthem of the free
That iron bars and heavy chains can never hold us captive
The Son has made us free and free indeed

Let’s continue rejoicing by listening to the song performed by the Gaither Vocal Band.


Gloria Gaither, William James Gaither

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