Loretta Lynn’s Management Problems

The song “Lead Me On”, as risqué as it was, encountered no resistance at all from radio or the public at large as it vaulted to No. 1 just two months after its release. However, Loretta was having problems with her management during that time. As a result, “Lead Me On” appeared on the market at the same time as the formation of her new booking agency.

United Talent was co-owned by Twitty and Lynn with a two-person staff headed by Jimmy Jay. He had previously handled Twitty’s concert dates for the Bob Neal Agency. By 1977, the now-defunct company coordinated tours for 25 different performers. However, the agency was originally formed just to handle bookings for Lynn and Twitty. Jay operated it differently than any other agency in Nashville in the fact that there were no written contracts with any of its acts. Everything was handled strictly on a handshake basis.

Loretta Lynn’s Hilarious Plot

In one of their first headlining appearances after the agency’s debut, Conway and Loretta performed their new release “Lead Me On” with memorable results. Loretta found out that Conway was real bashful. After finding this out, she liked to pull little tricks on him to embarrass him. She had a special gown made with shorts and a top hooked together by Velcro connected to a long gown-like skirt. Conway opened “Lead Me On” with his part and when Loretta stepped up to the microphone to sing her verse, she pulled the Velcro apart. It made a “ripping” sound, as Velcro always does, and Twitty nearly passed out. He never forgot that one!

The Duo’s Awards

The “Lead Me On” album wasn’t forgotten either. Ten years after its release, it was finally certified gold on October 29, 1981. As for Conway & Loretta’s career as a duet team, they went on to score three more number one hits. Thereafter, four consecutive “Duo of the Year” trophies from the Country Music Association from 1972 through 1975. These were the only CMA awards that Conway Twitty ever won.  Although Loretta Lynn amassed a total of eight, including 1972’s prestigious “Entertainer of the Year” award, the first female recipient of that honor. She was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1988, while Twitty was posthumously inducted into the Hall in 1999.

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