July 18

Lefty Frizzell “She’s Gone, Gone, Gone” was His Last Hit Single

lefty frizzell she's gone gone gone

If you are deceived by someone you love, would you ever give them a second chance? Some people will forgive the person they love, while others would walk out of the relationship. It usually depends on what the person does, because trusting someone doesn’t happen immediately, it takes time. Therefore once it’s broken, it’s never easy to build it up again.

Lefty Frizzell’s “She’s Gone, Gone Gone”

Lefty Frizzell recorded the song “She’s Gone, Gone, Gone” in 1965. He made the song peak at No. 12 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1965. Harlan Howard wrote the song for Lefty Frizzell. Furthermore, the song was included on his 7th studio album Sad Side of Love in 1965. The album was released under Columbia Records. “She’s Gone, Gone, Gone” was considered to be his last top performing song, although he still produced some songs that entered the chart. However, it was not able to reach the top 20 of the chart.

What’s the Song All About?

Frizzell’s last song is a melancholic song about a man who did something that caused the end of his relationship with the woman he loves. His ex-lover warned him that if he does anything to break her trust, she will leave him. He didn’t believe her, he even thought that she is not serious. After he fooled her, she decided to leave him, and now he regrets all the things he did. He cannot do anything to bring her back but to feel unhappy about it. That is why we should learn not to break someone’s trust, whether it is a friend, a family or the person you love.

Other Versions

“She’s Gone, Gone, Gone” has been covered by Carl Jackson in 1984, Glen Campbell in 1989 and Waylon Jennings in 1967. Jackson and Campbell’s version was able to enter the Billboard chart.


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Lefty Frizzell, She's Gone Gone Gone

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