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Lee Hazlewood: A Singer, a Producer and a Songwriter

lee hazlewood birthday

A great artist, no matter if he’s dead or alive, will always be remembered. His work will always be celebrated and listened to by many. Today, we are going to celebrate one of the best songwriters and producers Lee Hazlewood’s 89th Birthday by remembering the well-known music he performed as a solo artist, as well as the music he wrote and produced.

Childhood Days

Hazelwood had a simple life, where he and his family moved places from Oklahoma (his birthplace) to Louisiana. Hazlewood may not have studied anything related to music when he went to college, but he used to listen to music at a very young age. He became fond of different music styles he listened to, not knowing that his career would be related to it when he grows up.

Duane Eddy

Before writing and producing music Hazlewood was a DJ on a local show called KCKY. His show led him to meet Duane Eddy. He and Duane collaborated together with the following songs “Rebel Rouser,” “Peter Gunn,” and “Forty Miles of Bad Road.”

His Work with Nancy Sinatra

Hazlewood not only collaborated with Duane. His most notable work was in 1966 when he wrote and produced Nancy Sinatra’s song “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” and “Summer Wine.” He worked with Nancy for 5 years, producing and writing songs that all hit the top of the charts. One of his works with Nancy that was also noticed by many was their duet “Some Velvet Morning.” The song charted at No. 26 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1968.


Solo Artist

Aside from songwriting, producing music for other artists and singing with them, Lee Hazlewood was also a talented singer. They described Lee as the “Cowboy Psychedelia” because of his baritone voice. In 1963, Lee released Trouble is a Lonesome Town, his first album as a solo artist. He released 27 all throughout his life (1963-2006). His last album Cake or Death was released in 2006. Even when he was diagnosed with cancer, Lee Hazlewood promoted his album.


Hazlewood died in Nevada on August 2007 due to terminal renal cancer.

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