September 11

Lee Brice’s Wife, Sara, Stars on his New Song’s Music Video

Lee Brice's Wife, Sara, Stars on his New Song's Music Video 1
Lee Brice’s wife, Sara Reeveley | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

Country crooner Lee Brice recently released the music video for this latest single “Rumor” and it has some interesting facts we’d love to talk about. Foremost, the music video which was shot in Nashville stars no other than Brice wife, Sara Reeveley. It’s something that makes the singer very proud.

“We shot the ‘Rumor’ video in Nashville a few weeks ago and I’m proud to say it stars my beautiful wife, Sara,” Brice said in an interview.

In the video, the 39-year-old singer took his wife on a romantic night out but the said ‘date’ ha as dual purpose. Apart from doing it for the music video’s sake, it also gave the couple the chance to spend some time together considering the singer’s busy touring schedule. Hence, most of the time, he’s away from his family. With this, the Hard to Lovesinger aims to show his love and care toward his spouse. In a way, the video is about them making the rumor in the song true. Moreover, Brice planned that his next record would be something soulful, fun, and real. His single “Rumor” becomes the perfect embodiment of such.

About the Song

Lee Brice co-penned the song “Rumor” with Ashley Gorley and Kyle Jacobs. It was released as a follow-up single to his Top 20 hit Boy“. The song was included on his 2017 self-titled album. Brice initially thought of the song as something ordinary. For Brice, “Rumor” is a natural throwback to the small town in South Carolina where he grew up. One story about a boy and girl getting too close to each other had led the community people to gossip about them. It depicts small town life and how a simple rumor that arose one night could turn into a sizzling headline news the following day. But when he looked closer at what’s going on around him, he realized the deeper meaning that his song conveys. Looking at it from a broader context, he concluded:

“I think this whole world is a small town now because of social media. Even though I wrote it about a small town, maybe it’s more about the whole world.”

Watch the music video for Lee Brice’s “Rumor” below.

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