June 23

Relive Your “Boyhood” with Lee Brice’s “Boy” Performance

Since 2016’s “A Little More Love,” “Boy” is the first new music that Lee Brice has released.


Lee Brice's "Boy" performance


Country music is certainly a rich niche of “Why my dad is the best dad” kind of songs but let’s listen again to one of the best songs out there about being a boy before becoming a father and all those complications that go along with boyhood with Lee Brice’s “Boy”. By the way, check out our in depth article on Garth Brooks Ask Me How I Know song here.


“Boy” was written by Nicolle Gaylyon and Jon Nite who also co-wrote Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert’s song called “We Were Us.” The lyrics have a detailed description about a boy’s important life events such as first kiss, first love, first experience of driving a car and first heartbreak. It was vividly described on the lyrics of the song which reads:


“You’re gonna drive and kiss. And throw a punch.
And grow up way too fast. You’re gonna drop the ball.
Hit the wall. And break some hearts like glass
I know you will, ’cause you’re a part of me
And a part of you will always be a boy”


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Lee Brice had an awesome performance from Grand Ole Opry but before stepping into the Opry circle, Lee Brice actually performed the song backstage giving it an acoustic style. It gave Brice’s vocals a powerful play on the said song.


In his interview with Rolling Stone Country last Memorial Tribute Concert, he told the country magazine:


“I knew this song was going to resonate,” he says. “I had a feeling the first time I heard it. It kills me – every night I sing it about my boys. I think about their health and I think about their futures and I think about my dad and what he must have thought and must have felt growing up, things I didn’t realize then but realize now. All of that stuff piles up into one big emotion when you hear that song.”


Watch his music video and backstage performance here:



Lee Brice

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