August 17, 2018

LeAnn Rimes Released a Song about Losing the Person You Love

LeAnn Rimes
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This Woman, The Album

After leaving country music to venture into the world of pop music, LeAnn Rimes finally returned to her roots in 2005. She released a country album known as This Woman. Her return to country music was welcomed by fans as her album was able to reach the No. 2 spot on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. In addition, she also placed This Woman at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. The album was also Gold-certified by RIAA on September 4, 2005. Her album also entered different charts outside of the United States. Three singles in her album entered the Billboard Country chart (“Nothin’ ‘bout Love Makes Sense,” “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.”)

“Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way,” A Song From Her Album

Today we will listen to one of LeAnn Rimes’ single from her album This Woman. “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” is a sad song that at first will make you think that it is about a woman feeling sad because her lover left her. However, as you listen further, you will realize that she was actually grieving the death of her lover.

“You ought to see the way these people look at me

When they see me ’round here talking to this stone

Everybody thinks I’ve lost my mind”

She tries to live every day like nothing has changed but she always ends up imagining him still being there. The music video was released and LeAnn Rimes starred on the video as the lover who lost her man.

“Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way,” Chart Performance

“Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” entered three different charts on the Billboard. It peaked at No. 54 on Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, it placed No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way” also reached No. 8 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. John Kennedy and Tammi Kidd wrote the song for LeAnn.

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LeAnn Rimes, Probably Wouldn't Be This Way

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