November 27

Do You Remember Which Country Singer Sang for the Pope?

On November 25, 1999, a very talented country star was given the privilege of performing in front of one of the most significant public figures in the world—the Pope.

Back then, LeAnn Rimes was only 17 years old when such an unforgettable milestone marked her blooming career. She became part of a special line-up in Rome during a Thanksgiving Day concert. Gracing the stage and performing in front of Pope John Paul II, Rimes sang the song, I Believe in You.

As if to prove that 1999 was such an amazing year for the beautiful singer, Rimes had just released her fourth album prior to her prestigious performance. The album, which was self-titled, featured a majority of classic country music, along with her very own single Big Deal that made it to the charts’ Top 25. Aside from her memorable performance in Rome, she recorded a duet with pop legend Elton John as well. The song was titled, Written in the Stars and ended up in the 5th spot on the charts.

I Believe in You was part of the singer’s 2001 album, I Need You. The song was co-written by Ty Lacy and Dan Muckala. Soon after Rimes performance, the song made its way to be the title song for Jesus, a four-hour long television movie.

In addition to her performance, MTV shared that Rimes joined actors Jeremy Sisto and Jacqueline Bisset (who were both parts of the cast for the film, Jesus) at a special reception with the Pope himself. The said special reception took place after a press screening of the movie. During the reception, Pope John Paul II thanked filmmakers for opting to feature a religious topic for the movie. In his own words, he expressed, “My strongest hope is that such films will contribute to give the men of our times a better knowledge of the revealed message, by giving a satisfactory answer to the questions and doubts they have in their hearts.”

LeAnn Rimes sure was very lucky for being able to perform for and meet the Pope in flesh and blood.


LeAnn Rimes, Pope John Paul II

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