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LeAnn Rimes’ unforgettable version of George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

A lot of fans across the country would agree that He Stopped Loving Her Today is George Jones’ all-time greatest song. The beautifully written and executed song first dominated radio stations and charts in 1980. In a short span of time, the song made it to the number one mark in the Country Charts and remained in the top spot for over 18 weeks. The song’s quick rise to fame was proof that, without a doubt, listeners responded and related well to George Jones’ musical genius.

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He said, ‘I’ll love you till I die’, she told him ‘You’ll forget in time’

 As the years went slowly by, she still preyed upon his mind

He kept her picture on his wall, went half-crazy now and then

He still loved her through it all, hoping she’d come back again

Kept some letters by his bed dated nineteen sixty-two

He had underlined in red every single ‘I love you’

I went to see him just today, oh but I didn’t see no tears

All dressed up to go away, first time I’d seen him smile in years

He stopped loving her today

They placed a wreath upon his door

And soon they’ll carry him away

 He stopped loving her today


Surprisingly, Jones strongly disliked the song when he first heard it. However, the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter eventually grew fond of He Stopped Loving Her Today. Being such a huge hit, this particular track became a signature piece for the country artist. It has since been covered by numerous artists left and right.

Among the many standout covers of the song was LeAnn Rimes’ version. She included her own cover of the huge Jones’ hit song in her 2011 album, Lady & Gentlemen. She did an exceptionally emotional and strong rendition of her distinct melodic gift. But what made it truly special was how Rimes poured her heart out on the song and injected a woman’s perspective to the song. Her album contained other cover songs originally performed and recorded by male artists, with its co-producer including Vince Gill, Darrell Brown, and Rimes herself.

Her voice and the lyrics blended perfectly as if to say that Jones’ musical piece had been waiting for Rimes to grace it with her own understanding of the song’s meaning.

According to Rimes, He Stopped Loving Her Today speaks straight to her heart and carries a deep meaning in her life. “This is one of my all-time favorite songs. I think it’s the best song that’s ever been written in country music. And God bless George.”

LeAnn Rimes sang ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ at the Grand Ole Opry, where she got very emotional and gripped the audience’s soul with such a heart-thumping cover. In the end, she couldn’t stop the tears that rolled from her eyes, earning the same reaction from the stirred crowd. If Jones were to witness Rimes’ amazing performance, he would definitely applaud her and give two thumbs’ up!

LeAnn Rimes – He Stopped Loving Her Today


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