December 27

Lead Me Home (And It’s Not What You May Have Thought Of)

I remember that time when I could not help but laugh at myself at the first hearing of this Jamey Johnson song. I was just randomly picking tracks about homecomings or anything about returning to your roots. Still, I’m glad I found it. Or, should I say, this song found me?

“Lead Me Home“ by Jamey Johnson

I’ve also heard of The Freeman’s version. That one is also fantastic!

Yet set in a Jamey Johnson’s voice, the words sounded more haunting. His kind is a rarity nowadays. Besides having an edge with the quality of voice he has, there is no denying he is one among the current artists to look up to. He will not allow the music industry to dictate nor pressure him into compromising his crafts. To their surprise, Jamey’s songs would still become hits and he even bagged awards for them. It just shows that sometimes, so-called music experts or critiques are not always right.

As for Jamey, be it his or not, he puts his heart and soul into every song he sings. Guess that is what draws people to listen to him.


Same thought about Amazing Grace, Lead Me Home for me is not a funeral song.  A message of farewell, yes, but it is more of a believer’s victory song.

Regardless of our differences in opinion, we still could agree on our definition of ‘home’ in this song’s context. That ‘home’ we were anticipating is the reason we could still be optimistic about our impending demise. Finally, we could rest from all our earthly labors and be joined in the sweet bosom of our Creator. That is our real ‘home’ and our true heaven.

As for the arrangement, the mellow tune suits the contemplative mood of the first verses then escalates in tempo as it progresses.


gospel, Jamey Johnson

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