May 22

12-Year-Old Lauren Marie Presley Sings “A Little Bit Stronger”


12-Year-Old Lauren Marie Presley Sings "A Little Bit Stronger" 1

Even after The King of Rocks’s passing over 40 years ago, his legendary talent and tremendous contribution to the music industry still lives on. While many claims that no one could ever be on par with or let alone help revive the late Elvis Presley’s musical gift, the beautiful and talented Lauren is about to prove them wrong.

Lauren’s father happens to be a distant cousin to Elvis. At 12-Years-Old, Lauren, whose full name is Lauren Marie Presley, radiates charm and skill similar to that of The King. Inspired and motivated, Lauren aims to follow the same path to stardom that her distant celebrity relative took on. And, as it turns out, the 12-Year-Old lass is surely not one to play games and disappoint. She successfully demonstrated her vocal prowess through A Little Bit Stronger, the first single off her 2011 album, Stronger.

Impressively, her song snagged the no. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. It was also her first platinum-certified single.

Lauren starred as the 14-year-old vocalist in the TV show, Chasing Nashville. The show aired on Lifetime and ran from October 22, 2013, to November 12, 2013. It shows the lives of several aspiring girls whose goal is to gain fame and earn their big break in the industry of country music. Sadly, the show was canceled after its first four episodes aired. The succeeding episodes were uploaded later on to the official website of the series.



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