December 14, 2018

Here’s our Top 5 Buzz in Country Music that We’ve Missed

Gather up people and let’s check the latest buzz involving our favorite country stars. Here are the top 5 trends that happened throughout the week. I hope that you can enjoy these freshest and hottest scoops.

1. George Strait Blabbed a Teaser on his New Album

We all know that he is the King of Country and we’ve been dying to hear new music from him. Anyhow, our agony is over because Strait just released his new single “Codigo” last December 7 on his Vegas Residency. Further, he dropped the title of his latest album, “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” Don’t worry guys, the album will be released in 2019, and that’s nice to start the year.

2. Dolly Parton uses her Music to inspire New Artists

Dolly Parton is one of the most influential personalities in country music, and she is known to be the “Queen of Country.” We all know that Parton co-wrote and sang the songs for the new Netflix movie “Dumplin’.” Also, she mentioned that the tracks for the film intended to inspire other people to unleash their inner star. Just like what she said in an interview,

“Don’t just live in a fantasy of watching someone else live their lives. You star in your own role. You be the star of your own life, you never going to know if you don’t get out there and try. Everyone should try to find out who they are and really work that out and then be willing to stand by that and just be willing to sacrifice, stand up for it fight for it and just dream it on through.”

3. When will Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton tie the knot?

We all know that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton struggled on their previous relationships. Also, everyone is asking when they will tie the knot. But according to the pop singer, there is “zero pressure” on the proposal. It seems that the couple is taking everything slowly after their traumatic relationships.

4. Jaida Dreyer Wins of the Latest Reality Show “Real Country”

I know that you have your bet in this competition, but it seems that she has the guts to be a star. Jaida Dreyer is a Canadian born and American raised singer-songwriter who wants to be a professional artist. Well, she just got it because on December 11, 2018, at the show’s finale. She was declared as the winner with a total score of 4.6. Dreyer took home a cash price of $100,000 and a spot in the Grand Ole Opry.

5. Are Lee and Sara Brice Preparing for Another Baby?

The couple has been so sweet, and they were blessed with three lovely children. As for their growing family, are they ready to add another member of their gang? Anyhow, in an interview Lee Brice said,

“you never know!”

And his wife added,

“For now, we feel settled and blessed with our three healthy, beautiful children, we’ve always left that part up to God, though, so you never know!”

So that’s the latest news in our Country Music. I hope you enjoyed our top 5 buzzes. Watch out for next week’s hottest and latest trends in country music.


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