June 7

IRREFUTABLE: Larry Boone, Indeed a Boon to Country Music

A man who never surrendered chasing his dreams came into life 60 years ago today. Larry Boone was born in Florida and later moved to the Music City, Nashville in 1981 to pursue his musical dream.

Success was a little blurry for Boone during the commencement of his songwriting and singing career. He’s proud to share that he tried performing on the city streets to earn a living. Versatile as he is, he once became a substitute teacher, and even worked as a sportswriter.

IRREFUTABLE: Larry Boone, Indeed a Boon to Country Music 1
Larry Boone (image from wkdq.com)

Songwriting Career

After a few acts of perseverance and immeasurable efforts, Boone finally landed into songwriting. His first songwriting contract was with MTM.

In 1985, Boone earned his first exposure breakthrough with “Until I Fall in Love Again.” Marie Osmond’s angelic rendition of the song led it to the top of the charts. Since then, artists became interested with his works.

One more remarkable performance of his written songs was from the Nashville nice guy John Conlee. He sang “American Forces” on NBC during the Olympic Games in 1988.

Boone’s songwriting continued to flourish during the later years. Katty Mattea hit Number One with his “Burnin’ Old Memories” in 1988, and Don Williams placed “Old Coyote Town” to Top Ten in the same year. Further, in 1998, Lonestar hit number one with his composition, “Everything’s Changed.”

Singing Career

At the height of his songwriting career, Boone still had a place for singing in his heart. Mercury opened doors for him as a solo artist in 1986. His first batch of recorded songs, however, did not make it to the top nor sold in the market. But, he wasn’t discouraged. Mercury Records released his full-length debut in 1988.  Still, he did not reach a high leveled fame but his single, “Don’t Give Candy to a Stranger” made it to the Top 10 of the chart.

With Mercury still, Boone recorded two more Long Playings (LPs). After that, he moved to Columbia, where his album, Get in Line, was a minor hit.

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Don’t Give Candy to a Stranger, Larry Boone

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