A large BBQ party will be held in front of a vegan’s home who sued her neighbors simply because of the smell of meat that came from their barbecue.

large BBQ, vegan

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An Australian woman has beef with her neighbors and took them to court because of it. Since last year, Cilla Carden, a vegan, has been having legal battles with her neighbor.  Reports say that the complaint came after she claims that the smell of fish and meat reached her house from the neighbor’s barbeque.

large BBQ, vegan

Cilla Carden. Screengrab from YouTube

Carden then explains that the odors of the meat have ruined the quality of life she has in her home. She also believes that the neighbors were doing it to irritate her.

“All I can smell is fish, I can’t enjoy my back yard. I can’t go out there.”

Cilla Carden tells reports in an interview. She filed a complaint about it in court last year on the grounds that her neighbors were going against residential laws.

“It’s deliberate, that’s what I told the courts, it’s deliberate,”

She tells local news. Carden’s complaint comes from the fact that she is a vegan, the practice of avoiding using any kind of animal products including food; vegans often try to abstain from using any products that have any trace of animal product in it which also means they don’t go for meat.

Carden’s complaint was trashed by a tribunal court this year court earlier this year.

“What they are doing is living in their backyard and their home as a family,”

States the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia. Carden filed an appeal after the verdict which was once again trashed.

Large BBQ Planned After Complaints Go Nowhere

large BBQ, vegan

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After all the troubles between the Carden and her neighbors, a “celebration” is now being planned to happen in front of Carden’s house. Thousands of people are set to have a large BBQ party just outside of her house.

So far, more than 3,000 people are planning to attend the gathering which was organized in a Facebook page called “Community BBQ for Cilla Carden” with a description that reads:

“Don’t let Cilla destroy a good old Aussie tradition, join us for a community BBQ, and help Cilla Carden GET SOME PORK ON HER FORK,”

The large BBQ party is set to happen on October 19, vegans, however, aren’t invited according to the Facebook page.

large BBQ, vegan

Post from the community page on Facebook. Image from ‘Community BBQ for Cilla Carden’ Facebook page