LADY ANTEBELLUM. Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood. | Photo Credits:

Nashville country-rock trio Lady Antebellum has been setting the stage on fire everytime they perform. With every song they sing, Lady A is just simply a group with talented voices to reckon with. As a proof, “Need You Now” is just one of the songs that earned them the limelight in their career. Earning some Grammys, the song highlights the sultry vocals that the group has. And to add, “Need You Now” is a monstrously big hit, the song that is well-associated with them.

In 2012, Lady A staged their world tour called “Own the Night,” which was basically named after their album. Before going overseas, they ended their North American leg by documenting the show in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The 90-minute show was filled with great entertainment and singing. The performance includes their no. 1 hits “I Run To You,” “We Owned The Night,” “American Honey,” “Just A Kiss,” and “Our Kind of Love.” And of course, who can ever miss out their greatest selling single of all time, “Need You Now.”

Lady A’s Sultry Performance

LADY ANTEBELLUM. | Photo Credits:

Onstage, Lady A was oozing with charisma and great talent. Their performance was a notch higher compared to the recording as they displayed power that was electrifying. It started with a dramatic entrance of the three shown in big screens. Hillary Scott, the trio’s lead female vocalist, began the song with a rather soft and sultry singing. She was then joined by fellow member and musician Dave Haywood who was on the guitar. Coming from above behind the stage, Charles Kelley makes his entrance blending vocals with Scott. The chorus then kicks in and all three breathed out a passionate performance of the song. The audience surely loved it as they were having the best time of their life.

Watch Lady Antebellum set the stage on fire as they perform their hit, “Need You Now” on their World Tour concert:

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