November 14

Patsy Cline’s Rendition of Bill Monroe’s “Blue Moon of Kentucky”

“Blue Moon of Kentucky” became Bill Monroe’s signature song. He wrote it in 1946 and recorded the single together with his band, The Bluegrass Boys. “Blue Moon of Kentucky” became the official song of Kentucky.

“Blue Moon of Kentucky” Covers

Bill Monroe’s bluegrass track became popular and it was covered by various artists such as Elvis Presley, The Stanley Brothers, Patsy Cline, Al Kooper, and Paul McCartney.

Elvis Presley

Elvis was looking for a new song to record, thus, when he came across Monroe’s “Blue Moon of Kentucky” he decided to cover the song. It now became the B-side to his single “That’s All Right.” Elvis changed the original version to a more upbeat tune.

Stanley Brothers

Another recording of this song was by the Stanley Brothers in 1954, the same year Presley released his cover. The Stanley Brothers version became a combination of Bill Monroe’s tune and Elvis Presley’s upbeat tempo.

The Remarkable Version of Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline recorded “Blue Moon of Kentucky” as a soundtrack for her movie, Sweet Dreams. Cline’s version swings between country and an upbeat tune like that of Elvis’. Her rich contralto voice suits the song very well.

The Movie Sweet Dreams

The film, Sweet Dreams, is a biographical movie about Patsy Cline. The film portrayed the life of Patsy when she was becoming a superstar. Moreover, included in the movie was her love story with her husband, Charlie Dick. However, some parts of the movie are not precise.

The Album and Tracklist

The soundtrack of her film was compiled together and turned into an album. Sweet Dreams reached number six on the Billboard Country Albums chart. Patsy’s soundtrack collection contained some songs from other country artists. Moreover, her well-known singles such as “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “I Fall to Pieces,” and “Crazy” were also part of her album.

  1. “San Antonio Rose”
  2. “Seven Lonely Days”
  3. “Your Cheatin’ Heart”
  4. “Lovesick Blues”
  5. “Walkin’ After Midnight”
  6. “Foolin’ Round”
  7. “Half as Much”
  8. “I Fall to Pieces”
  9. “Crazy”
  10. “Blue Moon of Kentucky”
  11. “She’s Got You”
  12. “Sweet Dreams (Of You)”


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