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“Hickok:” A Western Film Collaboration of Kristofferson & Adkins

Not only do fans sure love country artists sing their songs but also, they love to watch them act on films. Well, not all artists can do this but a handful of them are actually actors, too. Take for example Kris Kristofferson and Trace Adkins who have been actors throughout their careers. They’re not only great in the music studio but they’re also talented on the big screen of whom they have starred in various films.

Kristofferson and Adkins, in particular, have already worked together in a number of films. In 2017, they have collaborated on a movie called “Hickok.” Particularly the western film, “Hickok” revolves around the story of a bizarre American folk hero named “Wild” Bill Hickok. He becomes a marshal in several towns scattered throughout the Wild West. Furthermore, the film revolves mainly on Hickok’s regime over Abilene, Kansas where he duels with Phil Coe.

As many fans know, this is not the first time that Kristofferson and Adkins appeared in one movie together. In fact, they have already co-starred in the 2016 western movie, “Traded.” Actually, the film’s director was the same genius as the person behind “Hickok.”

Kristofferson’s & Adkins’ Acting Prowess

With the previous films brought to us by Kristofferson and Adkins, it is undeniable that both artists show a great deal of talent in their acting. On the one hand, Adkins’ innate ability to exude low, dominating and thunderous voice translates easily to his character in the movie. His domineering act fits into his role of Hickok’s antagonist, Cole. On the other hand, Kristofferson stars as Abilene’s mayor. His respected countenance also perfectly stands up for his role. True enough, both artists, with their talent, add color and spice to the whole story.

Kris Kristofferson has been a renowned artist in the entertainment industry since 1966. Under his name, he has produced chart-topping hits and starred in excellent quality movies. In addition, he is also an outstanding songwriter. many don’t know that this was actually his first niche before venturing on singing and acting. Moreover, Kristofferson is not just a common entertainer, he is a winner in his career. He has amassed and been nominated in awards shows such as the Grammy, CMA, and ACM to name a few. Also, he even won the best actor award in some of his films. Truly, he is a talent to reckon with.

Meanwhile, Trace Adkins first ventured the world of music and acting in 1995. Just like Kristofferson, he has also produced number one hits on the charts introducing his name upon the entertainment industry. He then tested the waters and tried himself at acting. Again, he won the hearts of fans with his effortless and brilliant acting.

The movie “Hickok” premiered in the U.S. on July 7, 2017. Overall, the movie received positive reviews from fans and movie critics. Starring with Kristofferson and Adkins are Bruce Dern and Luke Hemsworth, who are also excellent actors.

Have you watched the film yet? You better watch it now!

Here’s the trailer for the film:

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