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Kris Kristofferson’s Wife and Their Lasting Love Story


Not much is known about Kris Kristofferson’s wife. She’s a very private person. However, what is certainly known about her is that she was key in making the singer the good man that he is now.

Kris Kristofferson was certain about being a songwriter as his passion and career path. But he didn’t seem as sure about settling with any of his love interests. It wasn’t until he met his wife, Lisa Meyers, that he became firm at staying.

This country music hit-maker is now a devoted and loyal family man. Meyers captured the actor/singer’s heart and finally made him choose the best for both of them. Yet, the “Help Me Make It Through the Night” singer wasn’t as tamed as he is now as he was in the ’70s. 

Aside from being known as a country star, Kristofferson was a bad boy in the industry. He was notorious for his alcohol, sexual escapades, and drugs. He was a legend on stage, on-cam, and on bar stools and the likes. In 1998, the artist told PEOPLE that he, through all serious artists, tends to be “self-destructive.”

However, when he met Meyers, his life turned upside down in the best way possible. 

Meyers was Kristofferson’s third marriage. She’s an attorney. They met in 1982 when Meyers was still attending Pepperdine University as a law student. 

Back then, the artist was wallowing and was at his lowest point in life. He lost important people in his life including his manager and agent. On top of it all, he was in the darkest minutes of his career. At this point, the singer’s second marriage unraveled.

Given all the downfalls, the musician told PEOPLE that relationship was the last thing in his mind. He was pouring out all his energy into performing and a relationship wasn’t in his priorities. 

Years later, the two met again at the Malibu gym. The hit-maker approached Meyers. Without thinking twice, the two got married just a year later.

Kris Kristofferson and Lisa Meyers held their wedding in a small private ceremony in the Pepperdine University chapel. The wedding wasn’t the first time for both of them. It was Meyer’s second and Kristofferson’s third.

As fast as the whirl-wind romance took them to the church, they had to hold their honeymoon. The singer was then working on his new album while his new wife studied for her bar examination.

After years of being together and as his family with Meyers was growing, what matters most finally dawn on him—his family.

Their 37 years of loving relationship gave them five wonderful children, Jesse (born 1983), Jody (born 1985), Johnny (born 1988), Kelly Marie (born 1990), and Blake (born 1994).

Aside from their biological children, the couple also adopted three kids from El Salvador, as per Earn The Necklace. However, their identities were never divulged to the public.

Before the American singer-songwriter’s marriage to Meyer, he was wedded to Fran Beer, his high school sweetheart. They were together for eight fruitful years. Their children were Tracy (born 1962) and son Kris (born 1968). After they got divorced, he was married to Rita Coolidge. They share one daughter, Casey (born 1974).

As a changed man, Kristofferson shares one of his biggest regrets—that he missed his older children growing up. He wasn’t there like he was with his kids with Meyers. 

The singer now prioritizes his family and he even moved them to Hawaii, where he tends his massive farm property.

Meanwhile, Kris Kristofferson’s spouse continues to support him for 37 years now. 

Kris Kristofferson’s wife has always been notably supportive especially from 2004 to 2015 when he was trying to survive Lyme disease. The Oscar nominee is now living healthy with the love of his life, content, and happily married.


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