June 22

A Country Music Legend: Kris Kristofferson Turns 82 Today

He is known to have written some of the finest songs in country music. Aside from that, he is among the line-up of the greatest singers of all time. He is a singer-songwriter. Thus, he is original. Imagine, his career spanned for over fifty years, and he’s still alive and kicking. A legend and an icon he is. Well, maybe you have a lot in mind now, or maybe you’re right! Yes, it’s no other than the great KRIS KRISTOFFERSON. Read and let us know more about him.

A Star Is Born: A Synopsis

One of the greatest stars in country music, Kris Kristofferson first saw the light of this world on June 22, 1936. He is a Texan native and grew up in the city of Brownsville. As a child, he showed enough evidence proving his brilliance and gift. Kristofferson excelled in academics and began a successful career in the U.S. Army before pursuing his passion as a songwriter. After a slow start, he began to make progress when artists such as Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis began to record his songs.

A Country Music Legend: Kris Kristofferson Turns 82 Today 1
Kris Kristofferson |Photo Credits: countryfancast.com

In 1971, a breakthrough of his career came when artist Janis Joplin’s cover of his song “Me and Bobby McGee”entered the charts. During that time, Kristofferson also launched a successful career as a television and film actor as well. Notably, his stardom as an actor shone in his roles in Alice Doesn’t Live Here AnymoreA Star Is BornLone Star and the Blade films. Simultaneously, he has won several Grammy Awards. In addition, he has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Country Music Hall of Fame.

Kristofferson’s Career

In 1958, Kristofferson graduated from college. Later that year, he moved to England to pursue his master’s degree in literature at Oxford University. While studying, he started writing songs, as well as performing in small venues. Though he recorded a few songs for a small label, they failed to earn him recognition. Thus, he immediately went back home after finishing his studies. He later met his high school girlfriend, Frances Beer, and continued their relationship. Soon, they got married.

Realizing some things in life, Kristofferson chose to change path, in pursuit of following his father’s footsteps and joining the military. Eventually, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and became trained as a Ranger and helicopter pilot. After a couple of years, he was stationed in West Germany. However, his love for music was what his heart still screams and his writing is what does keep him going. He then organized a soldiers’ band that performed at various functions.

A Country Music Legend: Kris Kristofferson Turns 82 Today 2
Kris Kristofferson |Photo Credits: marriedbiography.com

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