March 6

We Are God’s “Jewels” in His Crown

From the late Hank Williams Sr.’s “When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels,” let’s hear Alison Kraus’ “Jewels.” Different interpretations, but both songs pertain to God treating mankind as his treasures.

“Jewels” by Alison Kraus & Cox Family

Why “Jewels?”

Of all his creations, God favors man. To him, we are his most valuable possession. It’s why he created us in his image in the first place. We are his “ Imago Dei.” 

Even before we came into existence, God loved us. We were in his thoughts the day he created our first parents. He wanted a big, happy family and he could not wait to fill us all with his love!

On the flipside, man abused his given free will. Not learning from the consequences of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, we’ve become inclined to sin more. The beautiful “Imago Dei” has been marred.

Are we still fit to be called “jewels?”

The Redeemed as “Jewels”

The fall of man and the continual evil on earth left us useless as granites. Yet God, would not have it. He made a way to restore us thru his son, Jesus Christ. With his precious blood, he paid the utmost price and he paid in full! We’re bought with a price!

Now, we’re not mere useless rocks. We’re now seen as diamonds on the rough. On the surface, we’re ordinary. But when God comes to start chiseling and polishing, we’ll look brilliant!

Of course, that will take a while. Nervous yet? Don’t. Trust me, God is the best craftsman.

Gems in God’s Crown

We may be cut in different shapes and sizes, but our goal is one. That is to decorate our Lord’s crown with righteous living.

So the next time you feel disheartened and worthless, think on how God sees you – a Jewel.

We Are God’s “Jewels” in His Crown 1
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