March 5

Songs for the Lent III: The Angels Cried

We’ve heard numerous songs about how people felt whenever they pondered on Jesus’ sacrifice. Majority of them were heartbroken at the realization that for a long time, they’ve been ungrateful to his grace.

But it wasn’t just mankind who came to love Jesus. The angels and the rest of the heavenly bodies loved him first.

We’ll go into details soon, but first, let’s hear the following beautiful tune from Alan Jackson and Allison Kraus.

“The Angels Cried“ by Alan Jackson and Allison Kraus

It said, “the angels cried.” Pause and reflect on that line for a moment. Would you do the same?

Songs for the Lent III: The Angels Cried 1

I know it’s been more than two thousand years since Jesus walked on earth. But, I doubt you would remain dry-eyed once you had your share of an encounter with him.


The heaven’s darling became a helpless baby.
 …. And the angels cried…

He grew up in submission to his parents and elders.
….and the angels cried….

A full-grown man, he was baptized in water and God’s Spirit indwelt him.
….and the angels cried…

He was sent to the desert to be tried and tempted by the Devil.
…and the angels cried…

He preached God’s Kingdom, healed the sick, and fed the hungry.
…and the angels cried…

He was accused of being a madman, a blasphemer, and all sorts of things to defame him.
…and the angels cried…

Refusing to be their king or ruler, many of his followers were offended. They stopped following and turned their backs on him.
…and the angels cried…

He was betrayed by one of his disciples and they forsook him at the hour of his arrest.
…and the angels cried…

On trial, he faced Pilate and Herod. He was unjustly maltreated and shamed.
…and the angels cried…

Between him and Barrabas, the people chose to free a criminal.
…and the angels cried…

He was crucified and mocked on the cross.
…and the angels cried…

Buried in a tombstone, women wept for him.
….and the angels cried…

On the third day, he rose from the dead, and all who believed in him rejoiced!
…and the angels cried…

He paid in full the price in ransom to our souls.
…and the angels cried…

In victory, he now seats on God’s throne, waiting to receive his inheritance-us.
…and the angels  REJOICED!…


Alan Jackson, gospel, hymn

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