September 21

Busted! Wife of Kix Brooks Receives Text from Brooks’ Poser

Kix Brooks’ wife, Barbara, found herself caught in a very awkward situation after she received a text message from someone pretending to be her husband. It was an ironic occurrence that led to an infuriating yet hilarious encounter at the same time.

If people other than Barbara were to receive the text, the poser’s grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes were instant giveaways that he is a fake. The message read:

“Hello, Thanks for the love and support you have shown me over the years. Thank you and God bless… I sent you a request on here because you are very beautiful woman I have been single for me because my ex cheat on me but with God all things are possible Are you single? if yes here is my private cell phone . send me a text message and i will get back to you.”

Not wasting any more time to let the scammer fool others, unsuspecting women, Kix Brook’s wife immediately posted a screengrab of the message on her Twitter. She captioned the photo, “The irony of one of the @KixBrooks hackers sending this message to me is pretty hilarious.”

There have been earlier instances of scammers and posers being caught red-handed either by country artists themselves, someone close to them or the fans.

In 2012, Luke Bryan had an eye-opening experience that led him to realize how dangerous social media can be when used to impersonate and spread fraud identity. The posers went as far as to pretend to be the singer’s wife. The incident led Bryan to lose so many followers on his social media pages, prompting him to leave a public announcement on his official page.

Other country singers who became victims of online scammers include Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, and Brad Paisley. There were people who would create fake accounts and pretend to be them, sending friend requests to fans. They would then thank that particular fan for their support, all while building up the conversation. When they feel that they have finally ‘entrapped’ or convinced their victim, they would share a bogus story of how the security company they’ve been using is about to close and they need someone reliable to entrust a briefcase that holds a large sum of money with. The worst case for these pretenders was when a woman catfished Paisley and his wife into believing that her daughter was suffering Neuroblastoma. She even used photos of innocent children and this angered the couple.

In a time where we can all be vulnerable targets to vicious online threats, it is best to be more careful with how we use our social media profiles. We should know better not to accept friend requests from people we do not personally know. We should likewise choose to keep our profiles private so that only our close friends and family members can have access to the things we share on our accounts.

If you are being threatened or compromised by an online scammer, or know someone who may be suffering from such inconvenience, do not hesitate to inform the authorities and take legal action against your perpetrator.


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