November 13

Listen to Kitty Wells’ “Dust on the Bible”

While some artists sang bible narratives or have incorporated bible verses into their songs, Kitty Wells took the notch a little higher with “Dust on the Bible.”


The lyrics were edgy and straightforward in upbraiding while at the same time counseling those who own bibles but do not read them. While she did not condemn the reading of other materials like magazines and novels, she laments the lack of interest in the study and learning of the scripture.

She even went as far as saying that the best advice to give a friend in need of comfort is to “dust off the Bible” and to start reading. In doing so, she will discover the answers to clear her confusion and it will influence her decision-making towards living right. This should not come as a shocker anymore considering that this “Queen of Country Music” had her first smash hit with “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels,” a song with feminist overtones that caused quite such a stir in her time.

So here, have a listen to the “Dust on the Bible” by Kitty Wells.

The more I listen to songs dating back to the 50’s down to the 70’s, the more I am convinced that faith-filled songs never put country music out of business. Singers like Kitty Wells and her husband Johnnie Wright, whose love for music was intertwined with their faith; they will always have a steady and receptive audience. That’s because the songs they pick and sing do not just reflect their values.  It also reflects that of their listeners. While Kitty did not strictly do gospel or country only, she had firmly believed in every song she had sung.

Contrary to what most producers want their artists to think, religion should not be divorced from people’s music. Be it gospel or not, they would appreciate a good content. It affirms their faith, family values, and love for their homeland.


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