January 17

“Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’”, Country Singers’ Children Tribute

Charley Pride and George Morgan are just two of our legendary country music singers. It is with such gladness to know their children followed their footpaths. Luck that in one way, we will still be able to relive their songs. During a performance at the small country bar in Houston, Texas, Pride’s son, Dion Pride and Morgan’s daughter country legend Loretta Lynn Morgan teamed up to pay tribute in a spot-on duet that nobody saw coming.

They took the stage to deliver a spectacular two-part rendition of his dad’s, Charley Pride, hit song loved by many.

“Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’”, Country Singers’ Children Tribute 1

Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’ by Charley Pride

The biggest hit of Charley pride’s career was “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’” debuted in 1971, selling millions-upon-millions of records worldwide and skyrocketing to stardom on both the pop and country charts. The song spent four months on the pop chart, longer than any of his other hits. This was at a time when it was hard to get a country song played on a pop radio station, but the song was that good. It was a song that just appealed to everyone. It instantly became his signature tune and a true piece of country music history.

Ben Peters wrote the song “Kiss An Angel Good Morning”.

That time, Ben and his wife, Jackie, had a newborn named ‘Angela’ that inspired “Angel”.

The song is about a man and a woman in love. Everyone is asking why he is so happy. He says that he gets to “kiss an angel good mornin'”, mentioning his lover and to “love her like a devil,” referring to himself.

Singers now as they are, the two cracked a regular performance, into a great one. With their impressive talent, honest heart and dedication, they sure will always leave their own marks on country music.

Watch this incredible tribute to this iconic country legend in the video below!



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