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Sing Along to “Carrying Your Love With Me” by George Strait

The Composition

Considered as one of the greatest love songs in country music, “Carrying Your Love With Me” was written by Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens which landed at the top of the charts for a month.

 “”Carrying Your Love With Me” is a title Jeff Stevens mentioned to me that we didn’t write until about six months later,” Bogard said in an interview. “We pretty much wrote it in a few hours.”

“We pretty much wrote it in a few hours,” Bogard added. “Our publisher, Michael Knox, called Larry Willoughby, the A&R man for MCA, and he came over and heard it in my little office live. Jeff [was] singing and playing acoustic, and [I was] playing bass and singing harmony.”

“[They] put it on hold and made us promise not to play the demo, which we hadn’t done yet, for anyone until he could send it to George,” he concluded. “I’m glad we did. It’s a great cut!”

The king of country music sang the lyrics of the song in a music video for the tune. The song was his first song that was accompanied by a music video sing “Check Yes or No,” which hit No.1 in 1995. It was also his last until “Write This Down” in 1999.

The King Loved the Song

Because George Strait liked the song so much, he included it on several of his compilation albums. Including Latest Greatest Straitest Hits in 2000, 2004’s 50 Number Ones and 2011’s Icon 2. Not only that, the frequently performed “Carrying Your Love With Me” during his farewell The Cowboy Rides Away Tour. The tune also helped Strait earn both an ACM and a CMA for Album of the Year in 1997.

Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens wrote the song and was released on May 22, 1997, as the second single and title track from George Strait’s album of the same name. The song reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Song Chart. The song is about carrying the love of his woman with him when he is away from home.



George Strait, King of Country

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