October 11

The King sent a Heartfelt Video to a Texas Girl with Cancer

The King sent a Heartfelt Video to a Texas Girl with Cancer 1
Photo Credits: KSAT

A girl from Texas named Bella who is fighting against cancer and given three weeks to live. She received a beautiful surprise from her favorite musician, one of the living legends of country music, George Strait.

Last Thursday a Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole, posted to his organization’s Facebook page, Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer, asking people to tag the “King of Country” to ask him to send a video message.

“Bella loves George Strait,” Cole said in the post. “Bella listens to George Strait every night before she goes to bed. She also would listen to his songs before she would go into surgery. Please help me get a hold of George Strait so hopefully, he can reach to Hero Bello and her family and make her day.”

The King sent a Heartfelt Video to a Texas Girl with Cancer 2Cole updated his Facebook followers with some good news and bad news Last Monday. The bad news was that a massive fire in California prevented Bella and her family from enjoying Disney Land. However, the bad news was crushed by the good news – The King sent Bella a loving, heartfelt video message.

“George Strait is an amazing man,” Cole said, fighting back tears. “He didn’t have to do this and the fact that he took time out of his day to actually do this for Bella — it’s priceless, it’s amazing.”

Cole said Bella’s family broke into tears when they saw the video.

“Hey darlin’, I heard you weren’t doing so well,” Strait said in the video. “I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you and I’m praying for you. I hope you get better really really soon.”

Cole asked his Facebook followers and George Strait fans to let Strait know his kindness was appreciated.

“Everybody just tag George and tell him what a wonderful man he is,” Cole said. “For him to do this, I mean — I’m speechless right now. It’s amazing when people come together for one common purpose.”



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