December 12

The Statler Brothers Remind Us that “The King is Coming” Soon

How do you picture the coming of Christ? Do you think it will be as silent as the night? Or would it be grand, where people rejoice and praise Him? Will the coming of the King be a frightening sight as we will be judged by Him? We will never know when the King will come. Some people predict that Jesus has already arrived while others say that He will be coming soon. However, the truth is no one will know when and what it will look like. There is a song known as “The King is Coming” which draws the picture of how it is going to be when the King returns.

The Inspiration Behind the “The King Is Coming”

“The King is Coming” is a gospel song written by Bill and Gloria Gaither. The song was first recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band. It came to life when one day Bill and Gloria had some visitors who told them about the sermon of a leader in their church. Bill and Gloria’s visitors told the story of the coming of the King. After their dinner with their friends, Bill sat down to compose the tune while Gloria wrote down the words to the song. It came out easily to both of them as if God has already put in their minds what should be written.

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Statler Brothers’ Rendition

This gospel song became popular and was covered by a lot of artists. One of the artists who covered the song was the Statler Brothers. They included the single as part of their fourteenth studio album, Holy Bible New Testament. The album was released under the Mercury Records in 1975. The Statler Brothers’ album reached number twenty-two on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. However, their version of “The King is Coming” was not able to enter the chart.

The Message of the Song

“The King is Coming” shows us what it looks like when Jesus will finally return. It says that the coming of the King will be a grand day where there will be chariots, and we will hear the sound of the trumpet. In addition, our sins will be washed away, and we will all be clean like our Father in heaven. This song will remind us that God will return amid our busy lives. Moreover, the return of God will end all suffering.


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