March 1

There Goes My Life by Kenny Chesney and Wendell Mobley

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Goodbyes are always very difficult. It hurts our heart of hearts and it sometimes feels like a freight train hittin’ you straight in that heart. Yes, it sure is hard most especially the letting go part of it. But sometimes, we just got to… ought to.

Well, nothing comes easy in this World and this Life. Heck, even choosing what to wear for the special occasions ain’t easy, is it? What’s more is that life and genuinely LIVING IT.

“What the Lord giveth, He taketh away.”

When the fun starts, it has to end somewhere. “What the Lord giveth, He taketh away.” Anything and everything has to end at some point and (even) end up somewhere. Right, hopefully not the dumpster. That is why that pained and lousy feeling is called being in the dump. It feels like your heart’s so broken and can’t be fixed anymore that it had just been thrown out—in the dumpster.

“He’s stacked with a whole lot of them Aces up his sleeves!”

But hey, everything happens for a reason—and for good ones. God always has them real nifty Plans of His for every single one of us. And you know what, He’s got a full factory of them playin’ cards so He’s stacked with a whole lot of them Aces up his sleeves!

This has been Our Kind of Country.

May Y’all be Safe and Well and,



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