July 5

Kid Rock Honors our Fallen Heroes


Kid Rock is known to be an advocate when it comes to giving credits to the efforts of our country’s fallen heroes. It’s no surprise that he constantly performs overseas for them in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Kosovo. You have probably heard of Operation Homefront. They are an organization that provides emergency assistance to U.S. military troops, their families and recovering soldiers post duty.

Recently, Rock got together with The Trews, Nova Scotia’s rock band. Together, they performed “Highway of Heroes” as a tribute to our military men.

The song talks about a fallen soldier brought home after being killed in a war. The song is very emotional especially that it is sung in their point of view. The lead singer of The Trews, Colin MacDonald, sang the opening verse and chorus. The first few notes will already give you chills as it narrates its touching story.

The second verse goes, “I served with distinction/ No visions of glory/ I served without question or personal gain. /Seek no justification/ It’s not part of my story and it offers no comfort to the ones who remain.” In the song, the storyteller doesn’t want his family to justify his death no matter how hard it may be for his family and friends. In the second chorus, Kid Rock joins in and the harmony will just take you away as you will feel the heartache. Close your eyes and listen to it and it may make you shed some tears.

“We don’t have to wait for a holiday to thank our service men and women. Take a moment to thank a veteran or service member today.”  Rock shared the video on his Facebook page.

Here is the lyric video for “Highway of Heroes”.



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