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“Don’t Go Near the Water” was Sammy Kershaw’s Reason for Eminence

Twenty-seven years ago, “Don’t Go Near the Water” was released. It was indeed Sammy Kershaw’s debut album. Surprisingly, his introduction album gained platinum certification. It has received a massive response from country music enthusiasts. This only means that he immediately pierced the hearts and souls of the audience as well as penetrated the country music scheme successfully. Yes, the album was the reason for his prominence.


Don’t Go Near the Water…Album…

Under Mercury Records, “Don’t Go Near the Water” was released on October 8, 1991. As mentioned above, the album was certified platinum. It even placed at number seven on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart on August 8, 1992. Due to its success, it placed four singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. These were “Cadillac Style” which peaked at number three, “Yard Sale” which peaked at number seventeen, “Anywhere But Here” which peaked at number ten. Lastly, “Don’t go Near the Water” peaked at number twelve. Interestingly, the album included George Jones’ original “What Am I Worth.” Nevertheless, it didn’t place any position on the Billboard.


Moreover, there were a total of ten tracks under the album. The other five singles were “Real Old-Fashioned Broken Heart,” “I Buy Her Rose,” “Kickin’ In,” “Every Third Monday,” and “Harbor for a Lonely Heart.”

Don’t Go Near the Water…Single…

The song was the second track under the album. It was released in January 1992. Chapin Hartford and Jim Foster pooled resources for the words and lyrics of “Don’t Go Near the Water.” On May 9, 1992, the song placed at the number twelve spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

It was indeed a good start for Sammy Kershaw back then. If I may say, it’s a thumbs up for a beginner in the industry. He only proved his worth as one of the best country singers of his generation.

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