August 1

KFC Offers Free Meals to Uniformed Police; Sparks Heated Police vs Civilian Debate

Whether a fast food chain like KFC is pretty new or is already long-established, it’s been an unwritten rule that all fast food franchises and even convenience stores should give back to the community by serving first respondents with free snacks, lunches, or coffee. While this act is more beneficial and win-win in nature, helping out police officers could also prove to be a way of initiating trust and good friendship between these particular ventures and law enforcers.

The latest known franchise to adapt this policy is KFC’s branch in Gallipolis, Ohio. A sign that read, “All Uniformed Police Officers Eat Free Everyday All Day” was put up by the management on their entry doors. The franchise manager of the particular branch made it a decision to issue the public statement as a way of supporting their community’s police officers.


KFC Offers Free Meals to Uniformed Police; Sparks Heated Police vs Civilian Debate 1

The decision earned waves of reactions and comments from fellow neighbors and netizens across the state. There were those who took pictures of the sign and shared it on social media. The post earned over ten thousand likes. Some of the mixed responses that KFC received include:

“Outstanding! Hurrah for KFC!” –Steve Wicker

“The Colonel would be proud. Keep up the good work.” –Phillip Sebald

“I wish veterans could get that respect.” –Debra Johnson

“Police are not allowed to accept gratuities. It is and can be viewed as a bribe or a pay-to-play scheme. Look it up yourself.” –Robert

Meanwhile, there were groups and individuals who shook their heads at the said act, stating that it was clearly a direct negation, or some sort of propaganda against the organization for Black Lives Matter. Meanwhile, supporters of the free meal policy countered the accusation with “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” memes.

The Black Lives vs. Blue Lives Matter has been a long-standing argument, where the safety of first respondents for facing gun-related crimes and officer-related brutality and shootings on Black Americans are being pitted against each other in both parties’ attempt to be heard and achieve justice for their own cause.

Statistically speaking, there has been a dramatic drop in the rate of violence against law enforcers since the mid-1970’s. From 280 police officers being killed yearly, the number plunged to over 175 in 2010 (where most officers were killed in action), along with 6 assaults and 62 gun-related casualties. Furthermore, the FBI noted that there had been a decline of about 20% in the number of criminally-charged deaths of police officers between the years 2014 and 2015.

Do you support KFC’s free food policy for police officers? Or do you believe otherwise? Should other convenience stores, restaurants and fast food chains follow KFC’s footsteps?


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