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Kenny Rogers’ Great Version of the Song “You Decorated My Life”

Kenny Rogers’ “You Decorated My Life”

Kenny Rogers, You Decorated My Life
Photo Credit: Kenny Rogers/ youtube.com by Screengrab

You Decorated My Life” is a song recorded by Kenny Rogers. American songwriters Debbie Hupp and Bob Morrison penned this classic love song. It was released in September 1979 as a lead single from Kenny’s 8th album, Kenny.

Upon its release, the song entered the country chart and topped on the Billboard Country Singles. Since its stay on the chart, it eventually peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100. The song has sold millions of units worldwide. Indeed, a successful song for Roger’s career.

Moreover, the song has been recorded by other music artists that became more popular among country fans.

The Song’s Theme

Kenny Roger, You Decorated My Life
Photo Credit: Kenny Rogers/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“You Decorated My Life” is a classic love song that still rocks the younger generation. From its title “You Decorated My Life” you can easily figure out what the song talks about. Every single word of the song has a deeper meaning behind. The words that were written in the song really pierces our heart.

If you found someone who lights up your life and lets you see how wonderful our world is, then you are lucky enough to have that person in your life. Do not lose the person who decorates your life.

Moreover, we decorate something because we want that thing to be more attractive or beautiful. We also want to give life to something that is why we decorate that thing. Just like the story behind this song, where it shows the man’s love towards his woman. The woman is a decoration to the man’s life where she gives light and happiness towards his lover’s simple life.

This song is proof that in every man’s life, there is always a special woman who will change his perception in life. Men need to be loved by someone who will hold his hand as he changes his life to be a better person more than any wealth in this world.

The Video

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