July 9

Kenny Rogers Praises the Lord with the Song “For the Love of God”

Everything that we do should be for the love of God. Kenny Rogers could not have sung it better with these lyrics preaching the love that we have for the Lord. This song is a good reminder that in everything we do, we must put Him first. He will be our guidance from all the struggles that we are facing.

The singer had been making romantic ballad songs throughout the decade. He is well-loved by the country music community so he wanted to show a different side of his artistry. In this album, he wanted to be more personal about his faith and beliefs.

kenny rogers, god
via Kenny Rogers’ Official Facebook Page

Kenny Rogers Praises the Lord

With the condition that Kenny Rogers is in right now, he is in need of everyone’s prayer. This song, in particular, was special to the singer since most of his songs are romantic. In his Album The Love of God, he made a set of songs that are most reflective about his faith and love for Jesus.

The album was released back in 2011. All of his songs are his rendition of other classic gospel tunes such as “Will the Circle be Unbroken,” “In the Sweet By and By,” and “Amazing Grace.”

kenny rogers, god, love
Photo Credit: Kenny Rogers/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Lyrics Breakdown

I would give my all, everything I’ve got
To the highest call, for the Love of God

The song speaks from the heart and the lyrics say everything about our devotion to the Lord. We are given a wonderful life and a wonderful world to live in and we must be thankful every day. The song sheds light on the power of love and what it could do to our lives.

The love that we have for Jesus is immeasurable and so is the love that He has for us. We must use it to better ourselves and to be a beacon of hope to others. Love is a powerful tool in this world so we should use it to spread positivity.


kenny rogers

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