April 6, 2018

Kenny Rogers and Dottie West’s “Till I Can Make It On My Own”

Kenny Rogers and Dottie West’s “Till I Can Make It On My Own” 1

For the people out there trying to move on, has moved on, experienced moving on, or if you’re someone looking for a song to ponder on. Then, “Till I Can Make It On My Own,” suits you. And one more good thing about it is that strength within the voices of Dottie West and “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers.

I’m pretty sure; you’ll forget about the meaning once it has pierced you. Instead, you’ll be fixated. You’re going to play it over and over.

The Song…

“Till I Can Make It On My Own” is co-written by Tammy Wynette along with George Richey and Billy Sherrill. She recorded the song in 1976 which made its way to the 15th No.1 song on the country charts.  Due to its popularity, it stayed at No.1 for a week and spent a total of 11 weeks on the country charts.

Furthermore, Wynette was noted on multiple occasions, due to the reason that the song was her personal favorite of all that she had written and recorded. It would remain a staple of her concerts for the remainder of her career.

Kenny Rogers and Dottie West…

In July 1979, Kenny Rogers and Dottie West recorded their cover. It placed No.3 on the country charts. “Till I Can Make It On My Own” is part of their album “Classics.” It was their second album together. Because of their duet, they were classified as one of the biggest duet acts in country music has ever seen.

The Lyrics…

I’ll need time, to get you off my mind.

And I may sometimes bother you, try to be in touch with you

Even ask too much of you from time to time.

Now and then, Lord, you know I’ll need a friend

Till I get used to losing you.

Let me keep on using you

Till I can make it on my own.

I’ll get by, but no matter how I try

There’ll be times you know I’ll call, chances are my tears will fall,

And I’ll have no pride at all from time to time.

But they say, oh, there’ll be a brighter day,

But till then I’ll lean on you, that’s all I mean to do

Til I can make it on my own.

Surely, someday, I’ll look up and see the morning sun

Without another lonely night behind me.

Then I’ll know I’m over you, and all my crying’s done.

No more hurtin’ memories can find me.

Honestly, the duo of West and Rogers moved the country music enthusiasts, specifically with their duet of “Till I Can Make It On My Own.” Besides, the soulful voice of Dottie West matched the poignant husky voice of Kenny Rogers.

Here is the video of Tammy Wynette’s “Till I Can Make It On My Own”

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