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The Power Of Kenny Rogers And Don Williams In “Lay Down Beside Me”


Kenny Rogers and Don Williams
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Two of the best country singers of all time have joined forces in the 70s to create a great song that captured the country music obsessives. The “Gentle Giant” wrote it while “The Gambler” primarily recorded “Lay Down Beside Me.” The song was one of Kenny Rogers’ most successful hits in the 70s as well as Don Williams. Both have successfully placed the song on top of the country charts. Also, both have introduced a song we would like to hear over and over. Yes, the power of these two artists is undeniably abundant.

Lend your ears for this song “Lay Down Beside Me” can remind you of Don Williams and will make you miss Kenny Rogers.

The Song…

As mentioned above, Don Williams wrote: “Lay Down Beside Me.” Meanwhile, it was originally recorded by Kenny Rogers in 1976. But in 1979, the “Gentle Giant” recorded his rendition from his album “Expressions.” Williams’ version reached No.3 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The Lyrics…

I’ve spent my life looking for you

Finding my way wasn’t easy to do

I know there was your all the while

And its been worth every mile

So lay down beside me

Love me and hide me

Kiss all the hurtin of this world away

Hold me so close that I feel your heartbeat

And don’t ever wander away

Mornings and evenings all were the same

And there was no music till I heard your name

But I knew when I saw you smile

Now I can rest for awhile

So lay down beside me

Love me and hide me

Kiss all the hurtin of this world away

Hold me so close that I feel your heartbeat

And don’t ever wander away

The Gambler…

Kenny Rogers, undoubtedly, can sing any song. He can perform any music with his mellow, rough, husky-toned voice. Not only that, but every beat of his singles can also move people. It’s either, he can make the audience jive or can make his crowd’s eyes water. Indeed, a real epitome of a real musician.

The Gentle Giant…

On the other hand, Don Williams can pierce your hearts with his low baritone voice. His choice of music and style is, indeed, one of a kind. Moreover, Williams has consistency and great songs. Furthermore, he has penetrated your hearts with a total of 17 No.1 songs.

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